Project Management

Project management is the engine room of Rave Build, with user friendly and in depth scheduling, you will find the planning and building of projects well oiled and working smoothly. Visual representation in gantt and calendar view, task allocation, task notification, check lists, change alerts, and the ability to easily track build progress is planning and building made easy.

Cloud based software

Imagine your building projects managed with transparency from anywhere? Well now you can, with Rave Build’s cloud based systems. It means all your project information is accessible at anytime using any internet capable device. This allows you to communicate and update everyone whilst off site, knowing that everything is running smoothly, and securely stored in the cloud.

Interchangeable schedule

There are two forms of schedules in Rave Build, a calendar and a gantt chart. These two features are interchangeable with each other and are invaluable to utilising time and staying on track. In particular the gantt chart helps you to overview not just one build, but all builds in real time, allowing you to see your entire schedule at once.


Because Rave Build uses one centralised platform, it’s easy to communicate with everyone involved in your build, including subcontractors. If any changes are made to the schedule or to tasks, everyone involved is notified in real time.

Other Features

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