Document Management

Using our secure and safe cloud based system, organised files grouped within projects are easy to find and share information.

Fully interactive real time data

Paperwork can be a tedious task, however by uploading your documentation to the Rave Build cloud, you reduce stress, and save time. The data only needs to be captured once and eliminates the repetition of filing paper documents. Once added to the cloud, documents are easily accessible off your Rave Build account, anywhere, anytime.

Auto populate consent forms

Auto populate means that relevant previous data that is collected, will automatically populate where relevant. This completely takes out the repetition of filling out each consent form individually as well as cutting down on paper waste.

Real-Time Customer Data

Enabling employees working in sales, customer service, and marketing to make quick and informed decisions. Creating, improving, and maintaining customer relationships to benefit your business and your customers.

Easy to find storage

Throw out your filing cabinet, you no longer need it! Finding documents is easy because all data and documentation for a project is kept within the project. Find and view files easily with search functions.

Other Features

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